Map of YARA-GRCG Garden Plot Layout

The garden plot numbering system is based on the Saskatchewan Land Titles design. Each 40′x40′ section is located by the 1-11 and A-J (the letter I is not used to avoid confusion). Each 10′x10′ is represented by a number from 1-16. This numbering system will be permanent.

YARA-GRCG Garden Plot Map

Map to YARA-Grow Regina Community Garden

We are located in McLeod Park at 3500 Queen Street adjacent to Saint Marks Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lakeview. A Google map is displayed at the bottom of the page.

Click on image below for a larger view of the Google Earth view. GoogleEarth_Image

Click on link below for a larger view of the Google Map for directions to our community garden.

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