Rain at Last

Beautiful clouds full of moisture hung over the garden this morning just before a very welcome rain.

A good rain will get the weeds growing.  It is very important to get a good start on weed control in June. If the weeds are not managed now they will take over the garden.

Remove the weeds by the roots

The clay in our Regina soil forms a crust on the surface when you weed and dig around the plants the crust is broken up allowing water to seep into the soil.


One of the toughest weeds in the garden is quack grass, it takes patience and persistence to control this grass eliminating it can be a yearly struggle.

Quack grass rhizomes are very hardy and often grow further than you expect. Lift the exposed roots out of the soil and check to see that you got the whole plant. Any broken roots likely will sprout a new patch of quack grass.

Found these two foes in the garden today. The first photo is of potato beetles and the second is of a cut worm, both of these insects are very destructive and they must be removed. I put them in a small plastic container and threw them away.

Grow Regina is a pesticide free garden no herbicides or insecticides permitted. Our community garden values chemical free food and nurturing the natural environment.

This is the result of good gardening practices. What a stunning garden! 


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