Spring is on its way! Time for new gardeners to apply.

Applications for new gardeners will open up March 1. There will be an application form on the website Sunday March 1 2020.  Fill out and submit the form from the web-page. Applications will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Applications will close when both the garden and the wait list are full.

Grow Regina has a limited number open plots this year apply as soon as possible. We will try to place you in your preferred plot but if that is not possible you will placed in what we have open. Next year as a returning gardener you can request your preferred plot location and size. Large 20×20 garden plots are only available for returning gardeners.

Grow Regina will maintain a wait list of people who can not be placed this spring. The wait list is used when a garden opens up during the year as well as the following spring. People still on the 2020 wait list in the spring 2021 will be contacted and allotted plots before the garden is opened to new gardeners.

When you are allocated a plot you will be contacted by email with a plot number, a map and a request of payment for garden fees. You will be contacted if you are placed on the wait-list.

All returning gardeners and those on the 2019 wait list have been contacted and allocated plots.

IMPORTANT Returning Gardeners — Fees are due March 15, 2020. If we have not received payment by March 15 we will assume you are not returning and will give your plot to someone on the wait list.

Any questions or concerns please contact us through the website.

1 thought on “Spring is on its way! Time for new gardeners to apply.”

  1. Are the community gardens available this year for planting? I put in an application, will I be notified if I get a plot if they are open?

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