Exciting News!

The long-awaited “Co-op Community Gazebo”, designed by our own, world-renowned artist Victor Cicansky, is going to be installed this fall.

In fact, the first stage – the Gazebo’s foundation – will begin on Monday September 21st. It will be amazing to finally see this beautiful & functional piece of public art we have been fundraising and planning for over 12 years, finally realized.

The gazebo will not take up any existing garden space. It will be placed in the Center circle of the garden – that was the planned spot for this gazebo from the very beginning drawings when the garden was first planned.

Funding for this project did NOT come out of gardener fees. The majority of funding came from the Co-Op Community Spaces Grant for 90,000. We also received a donation from City Councillor and Lakeview Community member Bob Hawkins and his wife Marie-France for $5000 and a matching grant and separate donation from Lakeview Community Association for a total of $6000. And we got a grant from the City of Regina for $30,000 as well. So a big THANK YOU to all who have helped make this possible, including Yvette Crane who has lead the Gazebo fundraising and Project committee.

Here are some of the things you will need to know for the coming weeks:

1) Water will be turned off early this year. The City will be turning off the water on Thursday September 17th. Please do plan to water-in everything you need to – including any perennials, or if you have orchard trees – very well this weekend or early next week.

2) A Safety fence will be erected around the centre circle so you may find you have to get to your garden by a different route. Please stay safe and be mindful of any heavy equipment.

3) The GFL organics bin for your garden wastes will be re-located – likely to an area near the front of the garden. (Queen St.)

4) This may be a great year to plan to finish your harvest and clean-up early! Remember the deadline to have your garden completely cleaned out is Monday October 12th. That includes all boards, sticks, cages, structures etc. etc. Unless you request & have approval to leave a structure: https://growregina.ca/grow-regina-structure-approval-request/

Thank you everyone for a wonderful gardening season and we are so excited for the culmination of this project!

-Grow Regina

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