Congratulations to Don Fenwick! This year’s recipient of the John Fagan Award.

Jon Fagan award presentation to Don Fenwick Aug 14 2021

The John Fagan award is a very special award given to a gardener who has contributed ‘over and above’ what is expected of a Board member or gardener and embodies the mandate and mission of Grow Regina in their actions and words:  Promoting the social, economic and cultural well-being of others through community gardening, and: Teaches others how to garden.

Don has been involved with the garden since its opening. Don served on the board and actively worked to maintain the garden’s beauty by serving as garden inspector for many years. Don’s dedication to his own garden plot is unparalleled; he can be seen in the garden almost every day from April through September. Don greets everyone he meets in the garden and will will eagerly share his wisdom with anyone who has gardening questions.

Like the award’s namesake, Don has contributed ‘over and above’ what is expected of a Board member or gardener. It was our pleasure to present the 2021 John Fagan Award to Don Fenwick this year.

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