Garden Clean up to be done by Monday Oct 11th

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Hello gardeners,

Just a reminder that Grow Regina Community Gardens are to be cleaned up by Monday October 11th if you haven’t already done so.

Need some tips to help prepare your garden for the winter? See some ideas for the home and community garden here:, but remember, for the community garden:

  • No cover crops please
  • All above ground vegetation must be removed from the plot and pathways
  • Approved perennial plants, those that return year after year, must be cut down to ground level.
  • At season’s end only soil and trimmed perennials must be visible on the plot. All other materials must be removed from the Grow Regina garden area.
  • Large green composting bins are available for gardeners to dispose of their green waste. 
  • Please dig in any leaves, grass or compost.
  • For a full list of garden guidelines CLICK HERE

Thank You!

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