Welcome to Grow Regina Community Gardens, Inc. (GR). The following guidelines provide a fun, fair and satisfying gardening experience for everyone.  Agreeing to this guideline is part of joining Grow Regina and renting out a plot or tree.             


Parking space is available at the St Mark’s Church parking lot adjacent to the garden at 3510 Queen St, except for Sunday 8am – 4pm and during funerals. Please help to keep the parking lot clean by removing any debris or mud you bring into the lot.


Pedal bikes are welcome along the paths, but no motor vehicles in the garden area.


Gardener’s pets are not allowed in the garden area, even on a leash. As our garden site is a city park, neighbours may walk their dogs here.

Non-Commercial Use of Crops

Grow Regina members are not to sell their garden produce. If gardeners have extra produce, they are encouraged to donate to community organizations in need, for example,  Food Bank, Carmichael Outreach, Souls Harbour 

Pathway Maintenance

Gardeners are responsible to maintain paths by removing weeds 2.5 feet past the cribbing edge of your plot or around your garden box.

Report any cribbing damage to Grow Regina (cribbing is the wood trim around each garden plot)

Weed and Pest Control

Grow Regina is a pesticide free garden.  No insecticide or herbicide chemicals are allowed. Pesticide Free Gardening explained here.

If  weeds start to become a problem, you will be notified. We also ask that you do not pile weeds on the pathways, instead take them home to your compost or use the provided green bins.

Environmental Waste Service Green Bins

Bins for waste plant material are set out around the garden. They are emptied once a week. Green bins are for composting plant material onlyNO plastic, rocks, soil or any other garbage.

Hoses and Watering

  • Handle Grow Regina hoses carefully and coil up neatly on the hose hanger.
  • If there is a problem with a hose or a water leak, Contact Grow Regina or leave a note on the south shed.
  • Only hand held nozzles are to be used, remember to bring your own with you.
  • Do not leave water running unattended.
  • Grow Regina pays the City of Regina for water through our garden fees. 

Tools – Tools and More

Tools and wheelbarrows are conveniently located outside of each shed for gardeners to use. Please return tools to either shed after each use. Report any damaged tools to Grow Regina for repair or replacement.  Tools are not to be removed from the garden site.

Planting Courtesy – Problematic Plants

Plant tall plants, such as corn and sunflowers, 6 feet away from any plot next to yours. Tall plants will shade your neighbor’s garden.

Control spreading plants, like cucumbers and squash so they do not spill onto other garden plots. Use a climbing trellis or plant away from adjacent gardens.

Prevent  dill from spreading by cutting off the heads of the plant before they go to seed.  

Plants that are not allowed in Grow Regina garden plots. 

  • Bushes (example: roses and raspberries).
  • Shrubs and trees
  • Horseradish (because of the invasive nature of its roots)
  • Cannabis

Fall Clean Up

Thanksgiving Monday is the deadline to have your gardens cleaned. A large compost bin will be available to gardeners for plant material clean-up.

  • All plant materials, other than overwintered plants (perennials), must be removed from plot prior to the final fall inspection. Plants that are overwintered must be cut down to the soil level.
  • Fall soil amendments (example: leaves, carrot tops, straw, compost, etc.) must be spread level over the soil or dug in. 
  • All non-plant materials must be taken home with you at the end of the growing season including, but not limited to; fencing, plastics, paving stones, loose boards, tomato cages, decorations, plant pots, string, bags, and cans.
  • Permanent structures/materials are not allowed in garden plots. Submit a request for approval to the Grow Regina Board prior to any installation eg trellises.

Positive Garden Actions

  • getting to know your garden neighbors, helping others in need
  • sharing your garden knowledge with others, especially new gardeners
  • volunteering on committees and work bees 
  • planting bee and butterfly friendly plants
  • asking for help
  • following these garden guidelines
  • attending the Annual General Meeting AGM in April

Garden Misuse

  • garden plot or tree abandonment
  • letting weeds get out of control and going to seed
  • not keeping 2.5 feet of pathway next to plot cribbing clear of weeds
  • not taking care of diseased plants
  • letting pests become a problem (e.g. slugs, mice, potato bugs)
  • growing prohibited plants
  • using chemicals ( pesticides, insecticides and herbicides such as Round Up)
  • taking or damaging things from other gardens.
  • bringing your dog in the garden
  • being disrespectful to other gardeners
  • planting really tall plants next to your neighbour’s plot 
  • putting up permanent structures without permission
  • not clearing out your garden before Thanksgiving at the end of the season

If you are absent for an extended period of time, please arrange for someone to look after your garden and/or tree. If you do not show up at your garden before June 10 we will consider the garden abandoned- you will be contacted if do not look after your plot immediately it will be reassigned. If you need some help, talk to other gardeners and make plans to look after each other’s gardens, or Contact  Grow Regina . 


  • You may be asked to clean up your garden within a certain time frame.
  • You may be asked to take a smaller garden plot the next year
  • You may lose your garden 

We will give you some time and notice if issues arise, we do realize that life happens. But if you get a final notice after a fair warning, you may be asked to leave.

Plot Allocation – plot size and description

Grow Regina gardeners rent their gardens from May until October one year at a time. Your claim to the plot ends at the end of each growing season.  Garden plots will be allocated as follows:

  • Returning gardeners in good standing. Returning gardeners can request the same plot or request a change. Increasing plot size or moving to another plot will depend on availability.
  • New gardeners will be offered plots of maximum size of 10 feet x 20 feet, first come first serve.
  • Gardens are not transferable
  • Applications are closed for 2019 season. 

Orchard – How to rent or plant a tree in the orchard.

If you have a tree please fill out the orchard application form yearly and submit your fee before June 30. If we have not heard from you after the deadline your tree will be considered surrendered.

If you would like to rent or plant a tree please contact Grow Regina. The orchard committee will show you which trees are available. That is when you will submit the application form and the fee. Inquiries and applications will be accepted throughout the growing season.

Orchard application form

Guidelines approved by Grow Regina Board Nov 2018.