Orchard Application

To submit this application and payment either:

  1. Print this form,using the button at the bottom of this page fill it out then mail it to: Grow Regina/ PO Box 37273/ Regina Sk/ S4S 7K4 with your cheque or money order payable to Grow Regina.
  2. Print this form, fill it out and mail it to Grow Regina. Pay online at growregina.finance@gmail.com. Question for transfer is: What street the garden is on. Answer Queen

First and last name___________________________________


Postal Code_____________________________Preferred Phone_____________________________


*Note- Orchard Renewal Fees are not due until June 30th which gives enough time to determine whether the tree has survived the winter. You can pay anytime before this date. If we have not heard from you by June 30 we will rent it to someone else.

If paying renewal fees, please provide your tree type_______________number___________

Do you want a different tree or an additional tree? _______________________________________

Would you like to plant a tree in our orchard? $25 to prepare site.____________________

New to the  orchard___________Tree type________________________number___________

If you are new or want a change Contact us through the website to arrange a time to look over the available trees. When you decide you want a tree you will submit this form  pay your fees at that time. We accept new applications for the orchard throughout the growing season. To reserve a tree there is a one time initial cost of $25.00 for the first year to adopt the tree then the following years a yearly fee of $10.00 for water. To plant your own tree there is a charge of $25.00 the first year and then $10.00 per every year after.