Composting at Grow Regina

Why compost? Adding compost to your garden provides nutrients in a form that plants can use, enriches soil health, builds soil structure, improves drainage, retains water in the soil (less watering), acts as a buffer to toxins and is a free plant food.

Organic matter such as garden waste,  fruit and vegetable scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds and filters, leaves and cardboard. Learning how to compost and how to use compost in your garden is worth the effort.

Gardeners at Grow Regina may compost in their own plots. Because of size limitations, trench composting or burying the garden between rows is the simplest form of composting. Gardeners can bring compost from home or buy commercial compost.

 Click here to view a video from U of S about how to trench compost

Compost Group – Chair- Donna Holmes . The Compost committee is a group of people who compost their plant waste together. They share the work and the compost for their individual plots. Price of admission is a commitment of your time and effort processing the compost.


To join the composting committee send us an email.  Donna Holmes will contact you for the first meeting in the spring (usually about the time people are beginning to garden).

Composers take turns, a week at a time, tending the compost. The last few years we’ve had one week, two at most, of tending. This depends on the size of the group. Tending means adding green and/or brown material to the bin. Green material can be from their garden or from home (no weed seeds, please) – i.e. kitchen scraps. We have bags of brown leaves near the present compost or people can bring their own. Tending may also mean taking a nearby hose and wetting the compost if necessary. Occasionally, we also have to turn it. At the end of the season, members share the compost for their  gardens.

Good For Life – GFL Environmental Waste Service (Green Bins) 

Service provided to all gardeners by Grow Regina. Bins for waste plant material are set out around the garden. They are emptied once a week and are for composting plant material onlyNO plastic, rocks, soil or garbage.


The organic waste GFL collects is composted and then used for commercial land development therefore, not available for individual gardens. GFL provides a convenient and sustainable way for gardeners to dispose of plant material from their garden plots. GFL charges Grow Regina a fee for pick up and delivery of bins.

At the end of the growing season a large GFL bin is brought to the garden to help with the fall clean-up