Which Plants are not allowed?

As much as we love all of the plants in the garden, some plants are regulated by Grow Regina guidelines because they impact other gardeners.

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Dill – is becoming a nuisance and gardeners are cautioned to carefully avoid spreading seeds. Harvest dill before the seeds mature or cut off seed heads and dispose.

Corn and Sunflowers – tall plants shade other plants therefore; to give everyone a sunny plot Grow Regina asks that corn and sunflowers be planted 6′ from adjacent garden plots.

Squash, Cucumbers and other spreading plants – do not allow these plants to encroach on neighboring garden plots.


Raspberries – delicious and invasive are banned from the individual garden plots but because we all love raspberries Grow Regina planted a raspberry plot for all to enjoy! The Grow Regina raspberry plot, as well as, the Grow Regina flowerbeds are maintained by a committee of hardworking volunteers.


Horseradish – is banned from the Grow Regina Garden due to the aggressive root system on this plant. This aggressive plant can show up in your plot even if you never planted it please remove.

Shrubs and Trees – are banned from the individual garden plots. Grow Regina features an orchard of fruit bearing trees which are adopted and maintained by Grow Regina gardeners. To find out more go to The Orchard .  All volunteer trees including roses must be weeded out.