Planting Restrictions

At Grow Regina we love all of the plants in the garden, some plants have to be regulated in a community garden because of their impact on other gardeners.

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Dill is an aggressive self seeding plant gardeners are cautioned to prevent their dill from spreading to neighboring plots.


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Corn and Sunflowers – Position tall plants such as corn and sunflowers where they will not shade other garden plots.


Keep spreading plants such as squash, pumpkin, and cucumbers within the plot boundaries


Raspberries – because they are invasive they are banned from the individual garden plots. Grow Regina maintains 2 community raspberry plots for all to enjoy! The Grow Regina raspberry plots,are maintained by hardworking volunteers.
Woody perennials such as roses are not allowed in individual plots. Grow Regina maintains a rose garden at the entrance for all to enjoy.

Shrubs and Trees – are banned from the individual garden plots. Grow Regina features an orchard of fruit bearing trees which are adopted and maintained by Grow Regina gardeners. To find out more go to The Orchard All volunteer trees including roses must be weeded out

Horseradish have invasive roots and is not allowed in the garden

Any aggressive or self seeding plant such as borage, mint, bachelor buttons, calendula must be managed well to maintain our garden.  You will be asked to remove these plants if they get out of control.