What if I need help?

 A Gardener is a Life Long Learner

Grow Regina members love to share their wisdom. Talk to people you see in the garden  about gardening and you will make a friend. We never get tired of talking about our gardens.

Follow our Facebook page for tips and advice as well as timely information.

Grow Regina has a mentor program where a novice gardener can be paired with an experienced gardener who can help. Contact Grow Regina if you would like a mentor or if you would like to volunteer your skills.

If you are not able to mange your garden or because of illness or any reason that makes it impossible to meet our guidelines please Contact Grow Regina. We can find someone else to take over your garden and donate your produce. Please do not simply abandon a garden.

Grow Regina gardener Ariel Cote will look after your garden while you are away.  Ariel does custom gardening, she will look after your garden on a temporary basis.

Garden Girl Custom Gardening  website http://www.gardengirl.ca

Ariel Cote email: gardengirlgardens@gmail.com  Phone number: 306-535-1885

Excellent information can be found at:

University of Saskatchewan Master Gardener This certificate program offered by the U of S to teach home gardeners the best practices for prairie gardening. You do not have to be enrolled in the program to access the information. From the link above go to the item on the menu bar called Garden line online.  You can also submit questions to the university and follow Gardening at the U of S on Facebook.

Regina Horticultural Society They have events and lectures throughout the growing season open to the public. Source of excellent information specific to our local growing conditions. Follow The Regina Horticultural Society on Facebook.

Gardening in Saskatchewan is a great Facebook group where home gardeners share their experiences, photos and ask each other for advice and support.