Bee Friendly

Bees and many other beneficial insects are welcome at Grow Regina. Bees are a key plant pollinator critical to producing the world food supply. There are 800 native species of bees in Canada most wild bees are solitary and non-aggressive.

Ladybugs, dragonflies, damselflies and lacewings are the top insect predators in the garden and by providing them with a good environment they control all kinds of problem insects such as, aphids, midges, moths, mosquitoes and more.

Ian Monteith planted and tends the bee flower bed he volunteers his time and talent to make a space for the native bees to thrive in our garden. 

Grow Regina has installed three Mason Bee Houses and planted dedicated bee flower beds to nurture our friends. The garden and orchard are pesticide free and buzzing with healthy bees.

Mason Bee House
With any perennial or aggressively re-seeding annual, please be vigilant to ensure the plant does not spread to your neighbour’s garden or become a nuisance.


Billy Bee made a $10,000 donation to Grow Regina Community Gardens, Inc. in support of bee-friendly gardening initiatives.


Billy Bee® crowns Regina, Saskatchewan Canada’s Sweetest Town