Accessible Garden

The Evergreen accessible raised gardens are rectangular and square raised beds under 90 sq ft.available for gardeners with mobility limitations or who have difficulty gardening at the ground level.

Grow Regina would like to  build more raised beds in future so that we can continue to garden as we age. The garden is built to be accessible for gardeners and visitors to enjoy.

If interested in renting a garden or to learn more about the accessible garden please contact Grow Regina. 

Accessible Garden

Green Grants, sponsored by Wal-Mart Canada and led by Evergreen, provided funds in 2009 from which Grow Regina developed the Evergreen Accessible Garden area on the southeast corner of the garden.

Grow Regina worked with Saskatchewan Abilities Council (SAC), Saskatchewan Association for the Rehabilitation of Brain Injuries (SARBI) and the South Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre (SSILC) to design this garden area to accommodate individuals with varying degrees of disabilities. Grow Regina continues to provide an accessible space for all to enjoy the garden.