Tools and More

Grow Regina provides gardeners with the essentials.

Tools, water and plant waste management.


There are 2 garden sheds at either side of the garden. Outside of the each shed are a variety of garden tools and wheelbarrows available for gardeners to use. Please return tools after use and report damaged tools for repair or replacement to Grow Regina.

You can also Contact Grow Regina if you would like to donate tools.

IMG_7320-4Good For Life – GFL Environmental Waste Service (Green Bins)

Bins for waste plant material are set out around the garden. They are emptied once a week and are for composting plant material onlyNO plastic, rocks, soil or garbage. Garbage bins can be found across the street near the entrance to the park.

At the end of the growing season a large bin is brought to the garden to help with the fall clean-up.

IMG_7521Hoses and Watering

  • Please handle hoses with care and coil them up neatly on the hose hangers after each use to  keep them working for longer. 
  •  If there is a problem with a hose or a water leak, Contact Grow Regina or leave a note on the south shed.
  • Only hand held nozzles are to be used, remember to bring your own with you.
  • Do not leave water running unattended.
  • Grow Regina pays the City of Regina for water through our garden fees. Water conservation is everyone’s responsibility.