The Orchard

Grow Regina provides an opportunity for Regina residents to plant a fruit tree or to adopt a tree from our mature orchard. Applications for the Orchard are taken throughout the year. To apply Contact Grow Regina

  • Plant a tree – Limited plots open for new plantings. To reserve a new tree space a one time cost of $25.00 provides for hole preparation, water, top soil and mulch. Cost of tree is not included. The following years a fee of $10.00 will be charged for registration, water and mulch.
  • Adopt a tree – Take care of and harvest fruit from a mature tree in the orchard. There is a one time cost of $25.00 followed by a yearly fee of $10.00 for registration, water and mulch. Yellow ribbons are attached to the signs of the trees available for adoption. There are a few trees as well as raspberries that everyone can enjoy these are flagged as, common not for adoption.

The orchard is located around the edge of the garden. Orchard A located at the East Entrance, Orchard D located at the Northwest side of garden and Orchard E Located along the West Side of the garden.

Each tree is given a number and a wooden sign with its name and number.

Caring for a tree involves watering, weeding, pruning, harvesting and mulching. If a tree is neglected or abandoned Grow Regina will look after it until someone else adopts it.

Mulch and water are provided by Grow Regina. Usually work bees are arranged to help with mulching the trees as well as other orchard work. If you have a tree we encourage you to help with the orchard work.

Many gardener net their trees after the fruit is set to protect the fruit

Orchard Renewal Fees are not due until June 30th which gives enough time to determine whether the tree/shrub has survived the winter. It is understood that Grow Regina is not responsible for any damage or loss to my tree. Applications for the Orchard are taken throughout the year.

Fruit trees and shrubs

Various Fruit bearing native species are growing in the orchard: Saskatoon, Plum, Sour Cherry, Haskap, Hazelnut, Apple, Sea Buck Thorn, grape vines, Pincherry and Gooseberry.