Grow Regina is entirely run by volunteers working together building a beautiful garden with community spirit.  Working in the garden is beneficial  for both mental and physical health plus it enhances social bonds and belonging. Contact us to learn more about how to volunteer. Volunteering in the Garden is open to all Regina residents even if you do not have a garden, contact us to find out more about associate membership.

garden 80
Many hands make light work

The garden work is shared through committees and work bees. The committees are work groups with a chairperson. Committees are open to any gardener who wants to contribute.

Memberships and Allocations – Chair Donna Scott. Takes the applications and assigns garden plots and trees according to the Grow Regina guidelines.


Operations – Chair Doug Bouck. Maintaining the physical structures of the garden that is: building and fixing cribbing, maintaining water lines and hoses, making signs, moving dirt and general handyman duties. Work bees are called when the work is too much for the committee.

building new mini gardens

Orchard – Chair Norm McLeod. Maintains orchards planting new trees and caring for them until they are mature enough to adopt out. Inspecting all of the trees notifying tree owners if there is a problem. When mulching, pruning and weeding work is heavy a work bee is called. Learn more about the orchard

Planting trees, mulching planning the orchard

Inspection – Chair Leslie Mortin. Maintains the health of the garden keeping weeds and pests under control by notifying gardeners when in their plots need upkeep. Ensuring that the guidelines are followed and that the garden work is completed at the end of each season.

Keeping weeds and pests under control

Communication – Chair Katharine Garner, Chelsea Brown. Keep Grow Regina connected answering your inquiries maintaining the website and the Facebook information.

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Website, email and Facebook

Flower and Raspberry beds -Chair Yvette Crane.  Plants, prunes, and weed Grow Regina shared plots. Raspberries are free for anyone to enjoy.

Flower beds at the Queen St entrance

Annual BBQ -Chair Yvette Crane. Plans and prepares our lovely annual get together

Annual BBQ

Accessible Garden – Katharine Garner

Assisting with path maintenance

Compost – Chair Susanne Arndt. The Compost committee is a group of people who compost their plant waste together. They share the work and the compost for their individual plots. Price of admission is a commitment of your time and effort processing the compost.

GR 1
Compost Committees Bins

Work bee – When needed all the members and volunteers are invited by email. It is amazing what can be accomplished in one or two hours with some effort and team work.  There is no commitment needed just show up and lend a hand.

garden c
Busy Work Bee

Mentors -If you would like to share your knowledge and take a novice gardener under your wing please Contact Grow Regina to volunteer as a mentor.