John Fagan Award

Criteria for John Fagan Award, Grow Regina Community Gardens Inc.

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John Fagan 2018

Awarded to a gardener who like John Fagan has contributed ‘over and above’ what is expected of a Board member or gardener

May be a Board member but is not restricted only to those who have served on the Board.

Embodies the mandate and mission of GRCG in their actions and words:
Promotes the social, economic and cultural well-being of others through community gardening
Teaches others how to garden

Is a role model for other community gardeners as to how to comport oneself as part of a community garden. Helps to ‘grow community’ as part of the GRCG and elsewhere.

Will generally be a long-time (5 years+) gardener.

Nominations may come from any gardener or Board member, in writing to the Board, addressing the above criteria.

One award will be presented at the Grow Regina AGM any year there is a suitable candidate put forward.

This award should be promoted to members and Board via GR website, Facebook, and email reminder in December / January of each year by the Past President.

Past President guides the nomination process and leads Board’s selection and the award purchase itself.

Updated February 2019