Rototilling Services

Plowing for People is happy to provide rototilling services for Grow Regina again this year.

Plowing for People Rototilling

Plowing for People is a registered non-profit charity in the province of Saskatchewan, providing rototilling services for over 11 years. Their goal is to provide excellent service and garden rototilling at a reasonable price. All of their workers are volunteers and all profits to go charities chosen by the Board of Directors of Plowing for People. In 2021, their donation went to help bring a refugee family from South Sudan to Canada. This family is being sponsored by St. Mary’s Anglican Church.

Their rates will be slightly increased this year, for the first time in many years. Rates for rototilling are as follows:

  • 10’x10’ plot $25
  • 10’x20’ plot $30
  • 10’x30’ plot $35
  • 20 x20’ plot $40
  • 20’x30’ plot $50

Please send an email to: or call Mary at 306-539-5187, to book your rototilling. 

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