Garden Clean up to be done by Oct 10 2022

Reminder: Your Grow Regina garden needs to be cleaned up by October 10th (Thanksgiving day)

  • Structures are to be removed unless previous approval has been received to leave them in the garden.
  • All above ground vegetation must be removed from the plots.
  • Perennial plants are to be cut down to ground level.
  • All other materials must be removed from the garden.
  • Straw is not allowed.
  • If you put in wood chips you should remove them.

Following the final inspection of the gardens this year, emails will be sent to any members who have become a concern for the Inspections Committee.

The City of Regina will be shutting off our water in the last week of September. The hoses will be put away on September 29th or sooner depending on when the water is shut off.

Thank You! – Grow Regina Board

This Year’s John Fagan Award goes to Yvette Crane – Congratulations!

The 2022 recipient of the John Fagan Award is Yvette Crane. Yvette was a long time gardener and Grow Regina Board member who served selflessly in different capacities over the years including a term as Chair. Her efficiency and hard work were a benefit to each and every one of us at Grow Regina. Yvette was an absolute pleasure to serve with and became a great friend over the years.

One of Yvette’s proudest accomplishments was the construction of the beautiful Vic Cicansky Gazebo which is now the centerpiece of our garden. Her relentless dedication to the project is one of the main reasons that this wonderful artwork exists. So it was only fitting that we held our first scheduled event in the gazebo on June 25th to present the John Fagan Award. The event was well attended and cake and refreshments were enjoyed by all.

The following day Yvette and her husband Ian moved to Vancouver Island to enjoy a well deserved retirement. We wish them all the best and are grateful for their years in Saskatchewan. 

Garden Party June 25 2022

Dear Fellow Gardeners,

You are invited to an informal garden party:

Saturday, June 25th
2:00-4:00 pm
Grow Regina Community Gardens

We will be honoring Yvette Crane, our newest recipient of the John Fagen Award. Please join us for cake, refreshments and a time to socialize with your garden neighbours.

Rototilling Services

Plowing for People is happy to provide rototilling services for Grow Regina again this year.

Plowing for People Rototilling

Plowing for People is a registered non-profit charity in the province of Saskatchewan, providing rototilling services for over 11 years. Their goal is to provide excellent service and garden rototilling at a reasonable price. All of their workers are volunteers and all profits to go charities chosen by the Board of Directors of Plowing for People. In 2021, their donation went to help bring a refugee family from South Sudan to Canada. This family is being sponsored by St. Mary’s Anglican Church.

Their rates will be slightly increased this year, for the first time in many years. Rates for rototilling are as follows:

  • 10’x10’ plot $25
  • 10’x20’ plot $30
  • 10’x30’ plot $35
  • 20 x20’ plot $40
  • 20’x30’ plot $50

Please send an email to: or call Mary at 306-539-5187, to book your rototilling. 

Garden Clean up to be done by Monday Oct 11th

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Hello gardeners,

Just a reminder that Grow Regina Community Gardens are to be cleaned up by Monday October 11th if you haven’t already done so.

Need some tips to help prepare your garden for the winter? See some ideas for the home and community garden here:, but remember, for the community garden:

  • No cover crops please
  • All above ground vegetation must be removed from the plot and pathways
  • Approved perennial plants, those that return year after year, must be cut down to ground level.
  • At season’s end only soil and trimmed perennials must be visible on the plot. All other materials must be removed from the Grow Regina garden area.
  • Large green composting bins are available for gardeners to dispose of their green waste. 
  • Please dig in any leaves, grass or compost.
  • For a full list of garden guidelines CLICK HERE

Thank You!

Congratulations to Don Fenwick! This year’s recipient of the John Fagan Award.

Jon Fagan award presentation to Don Fenwick Aug 14 2021

The John Fagan award is a very special award given to a gardener who has contributed ‘over and above’ what is expected of a Board member or gardener and embodies the mandate and mission of Grow Regina in their actions and words:  Promoting the social, economic and cultural well-being of others through community gardening, and: Teaches others how to garden.

Don has been involved with the garden since its opening. Don served on the board and actively worked to maintain the garden’s beauty by serving as garden inspector for many years. Don’s dedication to his own garden plot is unparalleled; he can be seen in the garden almost every day from April through September. Don greets everyone he meets in the garden and will will eagerly share his wisdom with anyone who has gardening questions.

Like the award’s namesake, Don has contributed ‘over and above’ what is expected of a Board member or gardener. It was our pleasure to present the 2021 John Fagan Award to Don Fenwick this year.

Do you have extra garden produce? Why not donate to the Regina Food Bank?!

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Got extra produce? Why not donate it to the Regina & District Food Bank! Bring you produce to the Co-op Community Gazebo at Grow Regina at 12 pm this coming Wednesday July 21st as we are collecting to make a drop-off that day.

You can also drop off fresh produce at 445 Winnipeg Street. There will be a drive-through drop off every Wednesday from 9-4pm.

The food will go into hampers, and also into fresh meals for students at Albert School. Any excess food will be dropped off in the community fridges.