This Year’s John Fagan Award goes to Yvette Crane – Congratulations!

The 2022 recipient of the John Fagan Award is Yvette Crane. Yvette was a long time gardener and Grow Regina Board member who served selflessly in different capacities over the years including a term as Chair. Her efficiency and hard work were a benefit to each and every one of us at Grow Regina. Yvette was an absolute pleasure to serve with and became a great friend over the years.

One of Yvette’s proudest accomplishments was the construction of the beautiful Vic Cicansky Gazebo which is now the centerpiece of our garden. Her relentless dedication to the project is one of the main reasons that this wonderful artwork exists. So it was only fitting that we held our first scheduled event in the gazebo on June 25th to present the John Fagan Award. The event was well attended and cake and refreshments were enjoyed by all.

The following day Yvette and her husband Ian moved to Vancouver Island to enjoy a well deserved retirement. We wish them all the best and are grateful for their years in Saskatchewan. 

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