Garden Clean up to be done by Oct 10 2022

Reminder: Your Grow Regina garden needs to be cleaned up by October 10th (Thanksgiving day)

  • Structures are to be removed unless previous approval has been received to leave them in the garden.
  • All above ground vegetation must be removed from the plots.
  • Perennial plants are to be cut down to ground level.
  • All other materials must be removed from the garden.
  • Straw is not allowed.
  • If you put in wood chips you should remove them.

Following the final inspection of the gardens this year, emails will be sent to any members who have become a concern for the Inspections Committee.

The City of Regina will be shutting off our water in the last week of September. The hoses will be put away on September 29th or sooner depending on when the water is shut off.

Thank You! – Grow Regina Board

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